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Dynamic Commercial Receivables Management and Recovery in the Covid-19 Era

During a “normal” downturn in the economy and/or when a business client or customer is otherwise not timely satisfying its obligations, it is imperative that a creditor move quickly to jump ahead of its peers in obtaining, in order, a pre-judgment writ of attachment, attachment liens, a judgment and judgment liens, then immediately thereafter commencing…

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Asian Statutes Of Limitations – A Guide For Credit Professionals For Use In Commercial Debt Collection Matters

Country: Taiwan Commercial Debt Collections Limitation Period: Generally 2 years for both oral and written debts, 1 year for freight claims and 3 years for monies owed under a promissory note. Resetting of Statutes of Limitations: Debtor’s acknowledgment of debt generally resets Statute of Limitations Time Limits on Judgment Enforcement: Generally 5 years Country: Hong…

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