Dynamic Commercial Receivables Management and Recovery in the Covid-19 Era

During a “normal” downturn in the economy and/or when a business client or customer is otherwise not timely satisfying its obligations, it is imperative that a creditor move quickly to jump ahead of its peers in obtaining, in order, a pre-judgment writ of attachment, attachment liens, a judgment and judgment liens, then immediately thereafter commencing…

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Asian Statutes Of Limitations – A Guide For Credit Professionals For Use In Commercial Debt Collection Matters

Country: Taiwan Commercial Debt Collections Limitation Period: Generally 2 years for both oral and written debts, 1 year for freight claims and 3 years for monies owed under a promissory note. Resetting of Statutes of Limitations: Debtor’s acknowledgment of debt generally resets Statute of Limitations Time Limits on Judgment Enforcement: Generally 5 years Country: Hong…

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ICTF Global Credit Professionals Symposium

On April 22-24, 2018 Ross Spector attended the ICTF Global Credit Professionals Symposium in Chicago where the topics included New Global Realities - the State of the U.S. and Global Economy; Money Laundering, FCPA and Global Trade Compliance Risk Management; and China's Economic Policy: Trends, Outlook and Important Developments Affecting Your Business.

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American Institute of Architects annual convention

Ross Spector presented a seminar entitled "Taking your Architecture Practice Global...........and Getting Paid" at the American Institute of Architects ("AIA") annual convention in Philadelphia on May 19, 2016. The AIA is the largest and most influential professional association of architects in the world, with a membership exceeding 80,000.

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