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Trust, Estate and Family-Related Litigation

Disputes frequently arise in the administration of a trust or probate estate, notably where family conflict and large sums of money are at issue.  Discord may emerge among beneficiaries, between a trustee or other fiduciary and beneficiaries, from third parties, or between separated or divorced spouses.

While Spector & Bennett has frequently and successfully resolved hundreds of matters for its clients through mediation and other non-litigation processes, litigation is sometimes unavoidable.  In such circumstances, we aggressively and efficiently prosecute and defend the clients’ interests to conclusion.

In trust and probate actions Spector & Bennett represents trustees, administrators and beneficiaries.

Spector & Bennett draws upon its experience to handle real estate, intellectual property and corporate issues within the context of trust and probate disputes.  Among the types of matters we have expertly assisted clients with are investment, breach of fiduciary, creditor, construction, partition, fraudulent transfer, elder abuse and wrongful death claims; disputes concerning the modification and validity of wills and trusts involving undue influence and the capacity of an elderly and/or mentally compromised senior; representations respecting conservatorships and guardianships; and contested accountings and estate management disagreements.